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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting ready for Christmas

No, we haven't misplaced our calendar. We know that the rest of the world marks Christmas Day on December 25th, but in the National Parks, the holiday is celebrated in August. Read on to find out why....... 

Signal Mountain Lodge will be celebrating National Park Christmas this year on AUGUST 22ND. To enable the employees to enjoy this festive evening, the closing times for the following Signal Mountain and Leek's operations will be:


                     Needles 9:00PM  
                    Timbers 9:00Pm

Signal Mt Marina 7:00PM
Leek's Marina 5:00PM

Peaks Dining Room 8:30PM
Trapper Grill 9:00PM


LEEK'S PIZZERIA*: 8:30PM *Take out until 9:00PM

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adventures on the Snake River

One of the most fun and memorable ways to experience Grand Teton National Park is on a scenic float trip down the Snake River.

A scenic float trip begins with a van ride down to the put-in spot at Deadman's Bar. Once their, the guide and driver help the guests into their life jackets.

 Driver backing the raft into the river

Once the raft is in the water the adventure begins! The next 90 minutes or so are spent enjoying a gentle float down the river, gazing at the incredible scenery and scouting for wildlife.

 Some of the most commonly spotted animals are beaver, moose, and bald eagle, but you might also see osprey, various species of duck, or even the illusive Jackson Hole local.  

Our knowledgeable guides can answer all your questions about the geology and history of Grand Teton National Park and the flora and fauna that dwell here and even provide tips on other fun things to do while you're in the area--all while expertly piloting the raft down the river as if they've been doing it for years (because they have!)

You can reserve your float trip today through the SML front desk by calling 307-543-2831. Trips depart daily from the main parking lot at 7am and 5pm.