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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thank You to Grand Teton Rescue Teams

On Wednesday July 21st a powerful storm moved through Grand Teton National Park. The storm brought wind, rain, and a lot of lightning. It came early in the day, around 11:30 am, and caught many climbers on the Grand Teton off guard. 17 people were stranded on the Grand Teton for a number of hours while rescue teams worked courageously to help them off the mountain. Among those 17 climbers were two Signal Mountain Lodge employees Steve and Henry, climbing with two of Steve's family members. They were struck by lightning multiple times during the storm and were unable to climb down due to injuries. Fortunately, the very adept and brave rescue teams of rangers, guides, pilots and medics were able to evacuate them from the mountain safely and get them to the proper care, and for that the Signal community owes them an enormous thank you. We are grateful to have Steve and Henry back at Signal with us.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Staff Olympics

Signal Mountain Lodge hosted it's fourth annual Staff Olympics during the last week of June this summer. The events lasted five days and ranged from sporty challenges such as the canoe relay to brain busters like the chess tournament. A few events were held each day and culminated in an outdoor BBQ that went on during the celebrated events of the volleyball tournament and the talent show on Friday in our staff housing area.

Signal Mountain Lodge staff was divided into 7 teams of grouped departments. Each team had an impressive showing for each event and the standings were close throughout the five days. In the end the front of the house restaurant staff grouped with the bar under the team name of "Button Up" were crowned as champions. They will have their team name engraved on SML's most highly regarded and pined for prize, The Most Prestigous Trophy, where it will live on in fame(or infamy).

The SML Staff Olympics are just another reason why working and living at Signal are so much fun, a big thank you goes to all who participated!