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Friday, November 4, 2011

A Year in Pictures

Beginning of a New Year

Early Spring

Spring Arrives


Summer turns to Fall

Snow begins to fall

Winter Returns

Enjoy the Holidays folks, we will see you next year!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

15 More Years!!!

Signal Mountain Lodge is very very happy to anounce that Forever Resorts has been awarded the NPS concessionare's contract to continue operating this property for another 15 years! We are very thankful to be able to continue this wonderful partnership in this beautiful place. We look forward to serving all of our guests in even better ways as we move in to this next phase in Signal Mountain history. A big thanks goes to everyone who helped get us here! Hip Hip Hooray!

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Wall of Awesome!

Signal Mountain Lodge is rich in it's quality of staff. We are constantly recieving compliments on their quality of service and their quality of work. We are up to our ears in positive comment cards telling us how wonderful our employees are. So much so in fact we created a wall in our Employee Dining Room to showcase all our recognition, The Wall of Awesome. They make us proud so we wanted to share a few samples with you!


"Your staff was awesome! We were so hungry. They were fun & helpful. We will come back again! Thanks!"

"I stayed at the Signal Mt Campground just after it opened this season. We are back at Lizard Creek now. I just wanted to underscore how pleasant and accommodating the staff is in every point of contact. Terrific - Keep it Up!"

"The float trip with Peter was absolutely wonderful - He did an outstanding job. Also very much appreciated the housekeeping staff. Eileen at front desk was extremely helpful and gave wonderful advice."

"Thank you for the wonderful pizza. We're from Chicago (home of the best pizza) so this is quite a compliment! Your staff was very friendly and good-humored with our 2 young children. We will highly recommend this place!!"

"We had 3 different meals here on 3 different days and all were fabulous - spinach salad/caesar at lunch, breakfast burrito, and elk medalions with risotto - Yum! Kudos to the chef(s). Also enjoyed boating from here in a rental. The Tetons are glorious! Special commendation to Micah as our server twice - very friendly, personable and professional. We will definitely return. Many Thanks!"

"This only our second day in the park and we have been here to eat twice already. Wonderful pie crust! Trapper sandwich is fantastic!"

"Frankie at the Trapper Restaurant went above & beyond. She was efficient, courteous & attentive. We really appreciated the excellent service & professionalism."

"Everyone at Leek's is extremely friendly and accomodating! Love the British server! The waitresses were very nice! The calzones are HUGE!"

"We loved our server. She was very positive and went the 'extra mile' to meet our requests regarding the menu. Her name is Jordin and she is from Michigan, a lovely young woman with a terrific personality. Signal Mountain is a favorite with us. Thanks so much!"

Of course we already thought of our staff as Awesome, but we never get sick of hearing it!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last Call for the Best Pizza in the Valley!

Leek's Pizzeria is open for just a couple more weeks. It's time to come up and have some of the best pizza, sandwiches, and salads in the valley before they close up for the year on September 5th. All of Leek's pizza dough is made fresh by hand with organic ingredients, and the selection of toppings is unbeatable. There are several beers and wines available and delicious ice cream to top it all off with.

Leek's is located in a beautiful bay at the north end of Jackson Lake that brags some of the most stunning views of the Teton Range. It is especially fun to boat up from the Signal Mountain marina and dock the boat for a spell to have some great food and enjoy the location. The staff are charming and look forward to seeing you! Be sure to come up and chow down before you have to wait all the way until next summer!

View of Mt. Moran from Leek's

Sunset over Leek's Marina

Views of the north end of the Teton Range from Leek's

Pizza Professionals!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wildflowers of Grand Teton National Park

The winter was unstoppable this year. The snow piled up continuosly from January to May with many areas of Jackson Hole recieving over 700 inches of snow throughout the season (that's nearly 60 feet!). Although this exceptional amount of snow made for a slow start to our hiking season, it has some neat benefits, one being an abundance of water for the wildflowers of Grand Teton National Park to drink up all summer.

As things thawed throughout May and June and the sagebrush began to push through the snow cover we began to see the first spots of brilliant color announcing that flowers were on their way. It wasn't long before fields of yellow arrowleaf balsamroot, and blue lupine were blanketing sections of the valley floor.

The flowers begin blooming at the lower elevations and climb up the mountainsides chasing the receding snow. Different types of flowers grow at different elevations. Larger more robust species like the arrowleaf balsamroot, lupine, sticky geranium and indian paintbrush thrive in the valley. Moving up through the forests and mid-elevations you may find more intricate flowers such as monkshood, harebell, columbine, steer's head or shooting star. In the upper alpine zone's the flowers are small and close to the ground, look for moss campion, alpine forget-me-not and flox.

The color these flowers provide polk-a-dots and embellishes an already magnificent landscape.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Staff Games 2011

Every summer in June the SML staff band together by department and form teams to enter into a week of competitive fun. A handful of events are hosted each day throughout the week ranging from a chess tournament to a running relay, and horseshoes to a volleyball tournament, just to name a few. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for each event and points are accumulated in conjunction with the medals. After a series of events on the final day, points are tallied and the highly sought prize, The Most Prestigous Trophy, is passed into the possession of the winning-est team during an outdoor cookout and closing ceremony.

All of the teams worked hard this year and it was a very close match throughout the week with many teams still handily in reach of first place by the final day of games. In the end, the enthusiasm and perseverance of the Cleaning Mutant Ninja Turtles paid off and they emerged victorious.

Congratulations to the Cleaning Mutant Ninja Turtles (housekeeping staff) for taking home The Most Prestigious Trophy in this year's SML Summer Staff Games! Hip Hip Hooray!

A big thanks to all who participated and made this year's games so much fun!

The volleyball tournament!

Mt. Moranasaurus getting the crowd riled up

The Phantoms of the Opera warming up for the Talent Show

An entertaining skit for the talent show

A couple of Cleaning Mutant Ninja Turtles

Some excited gold medalists

The victorious team touting their prize