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Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day!

I thought we would take some time today to talk about some of the cool environmental programs we have in our restaurants. We are a Green Restaurant Association 3-Star Rated restaurant group, and we do lots of great things to minimize our environmental impacts. Here are a few highlights!

We buy Local
Signal Mountain Lodge is committed to purchasing from local and regional sources whenever possible. Here is a quick snapshot of some of our local items. We get all our burgers in the restaurants from HD Dunn & Son Beef in nearby Tetonia, Idaho. We purchase whole cows, three farm shares of veggies and the occasional pig from Robinson Family Farm and Ranch in Bedford, Wyoming. We purchase locals beers from Snake River Brewing and other great local breweries. When we can't get something from the immediate area, we get it from the surrounding region- such as Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Montana.

We are Committed to Sustainable Seafood
Our oceans are one of our planet's most important resources, and as a restaurant group, we can help preserve our oceans for the future by purchasing from sustainable sources. Signal Mountain Lodge is a proud partner with Seafood Watch, and is committed to only serving food off the 'Green List' in all of our establishments. We also pass out Seafood Watch Cards for guests to keep so that they can easily make responsible seafood choices after they leave Signal.

We Buy Organic and Natural Products
Many of the products we purchase are USDA certified organic, have no added hormones, are naturally fed a vegetarian/grass-fed diet and/or are otherwise grown & raised in a sustainable manner. Both the local beef companies we work with raise grass-fed cows free of antibiotics or hormones. Many vegetables we purchase are USDA Organic. All the milk we serve is free of rBGH. Our coffee is quite the mouthful- it is Organic, Bird Friendly, Shade Grown, Fair Trade certified and locally roasted by Great Northern Coffee Company in Jackson, WY!

Fun Fact: The homemade pizza dough at Leek's Pizzeria is made from Organic Flours and Cage Free Eggs! (And it's the best darn pizza in Jackson Hole)

We Recycle, UpCycle and Reduce Packaging Whenever Possible
Here at Signal we are always trying to cut out our waste. We recycle everything possible through Teton County Reycling and are a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Business Leader in Teton County. Here is an example of how we eliminate waste before it even exists- we do not serve bottled beer, saving thousands of bottles every summer!

Thanks for reading about some of our programs. To learn more, check out our menus online at  www.signalmtnlodge.com, or go to our Environmental Commitment page. Best yet, stop by the main restaurant building and check out our Wall of Sustainability! While you are there enjoy some delicious, sustainable fare.