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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nacho Night!!!!

True fans know, SML's annual Nacho Night is one of the highlights of the Winter season for JH locals, especially Park dwellers. It's a great time for this small and close-knit community to get together, eat regrettable portions of cheesy chips, and support a great cause.The 2013 event was no exception. An army of volunteers from Signal Mountain Lodge and the Moose Corner Daycare were busy as beavers, stacking chips, topping chips, busing tables, selling raffle tickets, and slinging margaritas. All in all, we managed to raise over $2,800.00 for Moose Corner Daycare, which provides affordable childcare services to Park parents.

Doc keeps the dishes moving and turns over those tables!

This is where the melting happens.

Now, now, Ladies--Those toppings are for the nachos!

Bartender Lisa keeps everyone smiling while Food and Beverage Manager Erik oversees the whole operation.

Did you win anything in the raffle???

Danny knows it's all about nacho cohesion... or should we say co-cheese-sion..?

So much guac.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

C-Store Solidarity

The Signal Mountain Lodge Blog is back!

It's been a great winter here at SML, but reports have surfaced of 2013's first GTNP bear sightings, and we all know what that means-- It's time for the blog to come out of hibernation!
Arguably the biggest news of the winter actually happened way back in November. There was a fire in our beloved Signal Mountain Convenience Store. The structure remained sound, but let's just say the remodel we were planning as part of our new NPS contract got pushed ahead significantly. Contractors have been hard at work trying to get the New and Improved C-Store ready by opening day. To show his support, our Director of Resort Operations has made an unusual commitment. Here is his story:

I , Kieran Gallagher, Director of Resort Operations, submit to you that I have cultivated and will not shave off my beard until the reconstruction of the Signal Mountain Convenience Store is complete and we ring up our first customer of 2013.

I have not shaven face to prove my dedication to you all. After the devastating fire in the convenience store this fall and the subsequent total reconstruction of the interior we all here at Signal Mountain Lodge have been working diligently towards this goal. I am committed to keeping my beard impeccably groomed during this time period so as not to disgrace Signal Mountain Lodge and all the staff and vendors associated with us. It is my hope to be able to shave before our opening day or shortly thereafter. However there are certain people that are trying to convince me to keep the beard anyway because they believe it “looks good on me”. I am no slave to fashion and appearance for this act is done only to prove my desire to provide the best possible services to our staff and guests of Signal Mountain Lodge.

Viva la Convenience Store!