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Monday, May 13, 2013

Opening Weekend 2013!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's official--Summer 2013 is under way
(albeit with a fair amount of snow still burying the Signal Mountain Summit Trail).

Signal Mountain Lodge opened for business this past Friday, May 10th. The Trapper Grill, Deadman's Bar, and Peaks Dining Room are all serving up local favorites and new delights, and the Timbers and Needles gift stores are chock full of unique items to suit even the choosiest souvenir hound. All guest lodging  options including the Signal Mountain Campground are also open.

Two major events have marked opening weekend for many years: the Opening of the Bar party, and Mother's Day Dinner. On the evening of May 10th, locals, Park employees and guests, and current and former SML employees got to rub elbows and share plate after plate of nachos, burgers, and sweet potato fries. There were warm reunions between long separated friends and many a toast to a long anticipated summer. A lucky few even scored a free commemorative hat, provided by an enthusiastic Deadman's Bar patron.

The Mother's Day dinner is one of the busiest days of the season for the restaurant. It's also the one and only day all year when you can actually make a reservation to dine at SML. It's an opportunity for the Peaks Dining Room cooks to show off their skills, and for guests to celebrate the special women in their families. (It's also a good reminder for staff to call their moms!) It was a gorgeous, warm, sunny Sunday, perfect for sharing fellowship with family and friends, and reflecting with gratitude on where we came from and where we are.

In between those two blessed events, 2013 Ice Off was officially declared on Saturday, May 11th. There is no more ice on Jackson Lake in the SML Marina.
This brings us to a reminder for the next big thing:

Signal Mountain and Leeks Marinas open this coming Saturday, May 18th!!!!!